This article is aimed to introduce the steps to set up offers in your network on Offerslook platform.

Step 1 - Login your account on Offerslook, then you will get access to the Dashboard of the platform.


Step 2 - There are 8 Icons on the left bar, they are: Dashboard, Offers, Affiliates, Advertisers, Accounts, Reports, Setting and Tools.


Step 3 - To start running new offer, you need to set up Advertiser first.


then, the page will turn to below, and the next is to click Create button to create an advertiser.


After entering the creating page, you need to fill all information below, then click Create button to finish the setting.


(NOTE: Advertiser portal is not available to log in until 2017.01.01)

Step 4 - Set up your affiliate account. There are two methods: a. Go to affilaites page, then click Create (steps are similar to advertiser setting) ; b. ask your publisher to sign up as your affiliate at your, then you need to approve it.


 Step 5 - Create an Offer, Please go to Offers page as below, Click Create button. For detailed setting, you can refer to the article Create an Offer


Step 6 - After finishing the previous 5 steps, your further actions would be testing with your advertisers or affiliates, please refer to more related articles as below:

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