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What is Redirection?

Offer redirection aims to help affiliate networks maximize the usage of traffic and increase profit. Sometimes a user going to an offer might not be the best fit, such as the user can be from India while the offer is in Japanese, or perhaps you are running an offer for an iPhone app, while user is using an Android device.

In both situations, you don’t want the user to click that link since they can't convert the offer. You either don’t want to lose the traffic if they are not within the Geos and send them to a blank page, since they would possibly be interested in another offer in your network. With Offer Redirection, Offerslook helps you to make good use of the traffic and send this traffic to another matched offer in your network. In this case, your extra clicks will be not wasted and your profit will be maximized by redirecting clicks to right offers.

Offerslook offer redirection path

Offerslook provides you triple back-up solutions – Redirect Offer, Offer Pools and Global Redirect – Traffic from a user can be redirected maximum 3 times until reaching a matched offer, which covers 98% of the chances traffic reaching an offer. We ensure that you have the highest possibility to make best use of your traffic and increase your profits.

First-Step Redirect: Offer Redirect

The first redirection you can set is Offer Redirect - redirect the traffic to another offer that you preset specially for the original offer, i.e. in the graph above, when original Offer A does not meet the traffic generating by the user, the traffic can be redirected to Offer B. This redirected offer is normally the one you think best fits the needs of the users interested in Offer A.

To Set Offer Redirect, go to Offer Details page -> Restriction -> Redirect Offer, and select the desired offer from the list.

Offer Redirect Screenshot on Offerslook

Second-Step Redirect: Offer Pools

The second back up for redirection is Offer Pools -  in the case that Offer Redirect (Offer B) neither fits the needs of the user, the traffic can be redirected to here. By its name, Offer Pools is a pool of offers with similar characteristics that you define.

You can create an offer pool with unlimited numbers of offers, and when the Offer Redirect doesn't work out and if you set offer pool for original offer, the traffic will be redirected to this pool, searching for an offer that meets all the conditions of the traffic. And user will be led to convert this offer.

To create and set an Offer Pool, follow the steps below.

1. Go to Offers > Offer Pools

2. At the right corner of the table, click “Create”.

Fill in Name, Status and Note, then click ‘Save’.
  • Name: Name of the Offer Pool, to distinguish from other offer pools;
  • Status: Active or Paused. Active is the default status;
  • Note: additional description of the offer pool.

3. You can now see the Offer Pool created.

4. Add offers to the Offer Pool, by selecting offers from the drop-down menu.

5. After setting up an offer pool, you can see the new offer pool has been added to the list.

6. To set Offer Pool for an Offer, in the menu Offer Details page -> Restriction, choose an offer pool that you previously created.

Third-Step Redirect: Global Redirect

However, if even offers in the offer pool can not match the traffic, then the traffic can be further redirected to Global Redirect. Global Redirect can be another offer or a URL. Since this is the last resort to convert the traffic, Global Redirect is best to be an offer that has no restriction at all, so that any traffic can be converted, or it can be also a URL that will not reject any traffic.

To set up Global Redirect offer/URL, follow the steps below.

1. Go to Customization setting -> Preferences


2. Choose Offer URL if you would like Global Redirect to be an offer, or choose External URL if you would like Global Redirect to be an URL. Once it's done, click SaveNote that this setting will be valid for all offers.


3. To activate Global Redirect, go to Setting->>Customization->>Preference and enable this features.

Conditions of Redirection

Once you have set Redirections, traffic will be redirected under the following conditions:
  • Offer Status is not Active
  • Offer is Expired
  • Caps Exceeded, including Offer & Affiliate caps, based on daily/total/budget setting
  • Geo-targeting not matched
  • Platform-targeting not matched, including Device type and Operating system
  • Mobile carrier not matched

Under the first 3 conditionsOffer Status is not Active/Offer is Expired/Caps Exceeded - the traffic will firstly redirected to Offer Redirect, then Offer Pool, and finally Global Redirect.

Under the last 2 conditionsGeo-targeting not matched/Platform-targeting not matched/mobile carrier not matched, then the traffic will skip Offer Redirect, and redirected to Offer Pool directly, then to Global Redirect.

So, in order to best optimize the traffic, it's STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you set all the steps - Offer Redirect/Offer Pools/Global Redirect for the offers.

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