On Offerslook, you can set custom email and system notifications that you want to send to affiliates, under certain circumstances.

Check the steps below to quickly master how to do that.

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Go to Brand Setting -> Settings menu.

Click the Message tab to enter the Email and System notification setting.

In Message of Offer Application, you can set email when affiliates apply for offers.Offer Application - when an affiliate applies for an offer.Offer Application Approval - when the offer is approved.Offer Application Denied - when the offer is denied

Switch ON and your affiliates will receive emails about offer application at all time.Or switch OFF and your affiliates will not receive emails about offer application.

In Message of Offer, you can set Emails/system Notifications when there's change to offer.Offer Payout Changed - when offer payout is changedOffer Payout Changed - when offer status is changed (e.g. paused)Offer Expiration - when offer is expired

For the Offer Change, besides sending emails, you can also notify your affiliates via System Notifications - when they login their affiliate portals.

Switch ON and your affiliates will receive notifications about offer change at all time.Or switch OFF and your affiliates will not receive notifications about offer change.

In order to be able to send emails to affiliates, you need to enable SMTP settings and also revise email templates if necessary.To enable SMTP settings, go to Brand Setting -> Settings.

Click Email tab, and input necessary content.SMTP settings will allow you to send emails from your own email servers.Note that we have separate tutorial regarding how to set SMTP in the Offerslook Support Center.

To revise email templates, go to Brand Setting -> Email Template.

Click Offer tab, and you will be able to edit email templates regarding offer related emails.