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Xbox issues


I play on both PC and Xbox One, well I try to anyway. I have an Xbox One Elite, my tested download speed is 115 mbps, upload is 15mbps, ping is usually between 20-44 depending on server with open NAT. I have tried absolutely everything but its completely unplayable for me on the Xbox. Yes my controller and console is WIRED. There is constant frame drops on every map, I have to quit on wasteland its too frustrating. Everything plays PERFECTLY on PC minus the wall problems. My girlfriend who has never played on the PC version also complains about the issues. I have talked to people in the same game as me and they don't experience nearly as many problems as us. I have tried doing the reset, creating a new account, disabled weather, vsync on and off but nothing works. I am wondering if there could be an optimization issue with the Elite having the different hard drive. I really want to be able to play with my girlfriend on the Xbox but the framerate / lag kills me. I have tried everything on my end to fix this. Hopefully someone else here is having similar issues or at least has another suggestion. 

Please help.


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