Offerslook Release Notes, 1st November, 2016

This release has the following enhancements along with bug fixes and performance improvements.


· Adjust Conversion. Offerslook clients now can adjust the amount of conversions by modifying the conversion status, namely, pending, approved and rejected. In this way, you will be able to manage the stats consistency among you, your advertisers and affiliates. Note that using our Adjust Conversions tool will have a potential impact to your offers and affiliates performance measurements. Check this tutorial for details.

· Sub-Affiliate blocking. You are now able to block any sub-affiliate you want in case you don’t want to receive traffic from them. Check this tutorial for details.

· SSL Encryption. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. With the SSL encryption, any data transmitted by you and your partners will be kept confidential, ensuring you the best privacy. Check this tutorial for details.

· Direct Links to Offerslook resources. Links of our help centre, API, training video, Blog and Forum have been added onto the upper right of your portal. More Offerslook resources are just within your reach.

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