Offerslook Release Notes, 26th September, 2016

This release has the following enhancements along with bug fixes and performance improvements.


 Pixel Tracking. Offerslook now supports both iFrame Pixel and Image Pixel conversion tracking. Affiliates of customers can also add iFrame Pixel and Image Pixel (plus Postback URL) directly on their affiliate portals. Check this tutorial for details.

 CPS Payout. Customers now are able to run CPS campaigns on Offerslook. Up till now, Offerslook supports CPC, CPA, CPI and CPS, covering most of the offer pricing types. 

 Payout Tiers. Customers can now set offer payout tiers and volume based tiers for offers. Offer Payout Tiers allows you to group affiliates into different tiers and set different payouts for each tier. Volume Based Tiers allows customers to incentivize their affiliates by giving tiered payouts based on their performance. Check this tutorial for details.

 New Offer Test Process with Advertiser. The new Offer Test feature streamlined the test process and makes it easy to run offer test/postback test with advertisers. The test offer URL will be generated automatically. Check this tutorial for details.

 Custom Terms and Conditions for Affiliates. Under the Customization section, customers are now able to set custom Terms and Conditions (or use default template), specifying rights and obligations with affiliates and avoiding possible legal issues. Check  this tutorial  for details.

 Platform Filter for Reports. The filter of platform has been added in General Report, Conversion Report and Test Conversion Report. Customers can now filter data based on platforms - Mobile, Tablet and PC. 

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