Activity log is a log of almost all actions on the system, which helps you to check your misoperation, operation time, the detail of your action, etc. It is very convenient, useful and easy to operate.

Now let’s go through how to use this amazing report. 

To access Activity log, go to Reports -> Activity log.

The operation time you want to search.

You can select the filter criteria here.

Operation: Manual operation on the system.

API: API operation on the system.  

IP: The IP that you do this operation.

Action: You can choose the action you do, like login, add, delete, change and approval.

User: You can choose the account who do this action.

Module: You can choose the module that you want to check the operation on it.

For example, you want to check the change time of the cap of offer#5

 You can select the filter criteria like above, then click Apply. You can get the search result below.

You may get several operations of the offer#5, then you could click the right button to check the detail till you find the detail of the change of cap.