We add a new feature in Customization section for you to auto-generate invoice which is more convenient and flexible. Now Let me introduce you how to set it up.

Section 1. Setting the invoice generative rule to the whole account.

Go to Setting->Customization->Invoice Auto Generation.

If you set enable of Invoice Automation, the system would auto-generate advertiser/affiliate invoice according to your setting of Bill Interval and Due Day.

Section2. Setting invoice for specific advertiser/affiliate.

Go to adv./affilate details->invoice setting

Click Invoice Automation, You would see Default, Enabled and Disabled options.

Default: The invoice would be auto-generated per the setting of the whole account.

Enable:Set up custom invoice rule for this specific partner.

Disabled: prohibit auto generated invoice.

You could choose the one you need. The invoice setting of specific affiliate is the same.

Section3. Manually Create invoice by yourself.

Go to Billing->adv/aff invoice list->click create. 

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