This feature aims to protect your sub affiliate information from your advertisers, to secure your business. Where traffic comes with sub affiliate details, you can select to send it to advertisers in disguise, when you need to unscramble the details, bulk checking or manual check are both available.

Now let’s introduce you this wonderful function.

First, you need to write the right parameter.

Destination link: Adv.’s source ID parameter={source_id_md5}

Tracking link: source_id={affiliate’s affiliate ID parameter}

For example:

1. Nomal source ID:

Destination link:{click_id}&advertiser_source_id={source_id}

Tracking link:{aff_source_id}

2. Use Source ID MD5 to package source ID:

Destination link:{click_id}&advertiser_source_id={source_id_md5}

Tracking link:{aff_source_id}

Second, go to Advertiser->Source ID MD5 to unscramble the disguised sub affiliate details.

There are two ways, 


1. Unscramble the source id one by one,

2. You also can batch search source ID in following blank of Batch Search 

Finally, if you need to download the search results, you can download in Download List.