When you are doing integration via API, as an affiliate, you might counter a basic problem, how to pull offers.

In this article, we will introduce how to pull offers. Since private offer is unique, we won’t discuss here.

Get Public Offer + Your Approval Offer

https:// {your API domain}/aff/v1/batches/offers?contains=description&type=personal&offset=1&limit=100

How to filter Public Offer:

https:// {your API domain}/aff/v1/batches/offers?contains=description&type=personal&offset=1&limit=100&filters[offer_approval]=2

How to filter Require Approval Offer:

https:// {your API domain}/aff/v1/batches/offers?contains=description&type=personal&offset=1&limit=100&filters[offer_approval]=1

Some explanations of parameters are as follows:

type=personal:  Access offers which can be run;

limit=100:  One page with 100 results (100 is maximum);

offset=1:  Request result of the first page

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