The digital advertising world has come a long way in the last couple of years in its mission to fight ad fraud. The 'in-house' detection of frauds might not be so effective all the time since a lot of practice and experience is required. A deep knowledge of fraud tactics and behavior is an absolute prerequisite. Under this circumstance, Offerslook has partnered with Fraudscore an award-winning fraud detection platform offering a series of industry leading solutions and combating ad-fraud.

How to set up and employ fraud detection task

Step 1: Login with Super Admin Account->>Tools->>->Fraud Detection->>->Integration.

Step 2: Login Fraudscore Account to find the API key->Fill the API key on offerslook Account.

Step 3: Find Campaigns->> Click on Detection Task->>Fill the API key and Select the parameters of detection. 

Applicable parameters are in the column below, and Required parameters were already selected for you.

When the API Key and parameters of detection has been saved, the general Request URL would be generated automatically by system.

How to set Campaign Needed to Be Detected 

Aims to save cost, you can create detection task for specific affs or offers.(You can also create detection tasks for all offers to specific aff.) Click on Add Campaign to creat the task.

Finally,  Login to FraudScore to review the result of detection.