Smart link aims to help networks to sort out groups of offers and promote offers by only using one "Link" to publishers, which will help networks to be more efficient to integrate with their affiliates/publishers. According to research, affiliate networks who run offers by using smart link will improve their offer management/affiliate management and also gain a better ROI. Thus, we release Smart Link for Offerslook users.

The following section in this article will introduce how to set up Smart Link in your Offerslook system.

Step1. Go to Tools>Smart Link->Create.

Step2. Fill the detailed information of the current Smart Link you are going to set:

Now let's set an example:

Step3. After we create the Smart Link, we will see it in the list:

Step4, Click into the smart link to add offers we need;

(There are two ways to add offers into a smart link, one is to add offers by groups, the other is to add offer by searching offer details.)

4.1 Adding offers by groups: all the offers belong to the group will be added to the smart link, and if new offers added to the group, it will be automatically added to the smart link.

4.2 Adding offers by searching details: find the offers from different group and select them one by one in to the smart link.

Step7. Approve affiliates who are permitted to promote the smart link;

After all above have been done, you have finish the steps to create a Smart Link.

Last but not least, once you promote Smart Link, you need to set up a unique Postback for your affiliates who run Smart Links: the postback for smart link is required because the changing revenue and payouts of different offers in the smart link.

In summary, once you succeed to set up your first smart link, you will find it really helpful and we are sure you will love it !