Smart Alert helps providing deep insights into the health and performance of offerslook clients' campaigns, with customized metrics (including CR, Postback, Unique click, CTIT etc) to alert the abnormal issues in real time during the business process. It can also automatically handle the abnormal issues when the Alert is triggered based on custom setting.

View the following steps to set Alert for your network.

Step 1: Open Dashboard->>Tools->>Smart Alert->>Create.

Step 2: 
 If you want to monitor the performance of offers, select the Alert Type with offer; 
 If you want to monitor the performance with affiliate or sub affiliates, then select the Alert Type with     affiliate.
 Fill in the required detail, save.

Step 3: Click on the Alert you need to set details.

Step 4: Both offer alert and affiliate alert, you can click on Add Metric->>Select Metric->>Set Value->>Turn On/Off  Operation/Notify manager/ Send Email ->>Save.

Want to pause offer or affiliate when alert reach? You can turn on Operation.

(Trigger times can be chosen )

Step 5.1:  With Offer AlertClick on Add offer needed to be Alert->>Save.

Step 5.2:  With Affiliate AlertClick on Add affiliate needed to be Alert->>Save.

(Want to Alert sub affiliate? You can view the option when you finish selecting affiliates.)

For more details, please contact with your account manager.