Smart Puller helps Offerslook clients to pull offers automatically from their advertisers, which to make data transfer process smooth and quick. Now you can easily import offers to offerslook from other systems( HasOffers, Cake, Fuseclick, Offerslook, Affise, Mobvista, Mobvista, Taptica, Adxmi, Castleads, Mobisummer, Glispa, Avazu(Performance), Baidu, Minimob, Applift, Xbaos, Glispa Native, Orangear, Art of Click, PubNative, NTH, VNative, AppThis Bulk Offer Feed, AppThis Premium Offer Feed, Headway, Mobrand(CPI), Yeahmobi, SuperADS, Affle, VortexMedia, Trackrc, WeQ, Axonite, Misky, Gowide, Tabatoo, Gmobi, Reachads, Airpush, Inmobi, Avazu(Native), Mobpower, Mobgeek, PromoAdx, Adsturm, Mobplus, Joydream, Hubscale, Mobpals, TrackRevenue, Mobobeat, Smarter(CPA), Billymob, Do Global, Leadmob, Pentamob, Apex, Iconpeak, Personaly, Pubinmedia, Batmobi, Hopemobi, Everflow, Wevemob, Yeahmobi(V3), Skipper, SVG Media, TBMedia Bulk, Orangear(V3), Lemmonet, Mobilda, Trooperads, Hugoffers, DisplayIO, Appcoach,

Smarter(CPI), Gourdmobi(CPI), Leanmobi, FunnyStore, VineTool, BitterStrawberry, Traffic Company, Kimia, Mobking, Mobisense, Mobpower(New), Emar, UPSMobi, Cloudmob, MediaGo, DoFun, Funsmobi, Addiliate, Mobikok, AlfaConvert, MyAppFree, BumperMobi, FunnyMobi, Gourdmobi(CPA), Mediumin, AppSamurai, Afftrack, RTBDemand, Adknoke, 17Ads, PubTower, DcypherMedia, TestBird, Cauly, MobiExchanger, Megable, APPLEADS, Chestnut, Mobidea, Metmobi, Adorca, Adgagaa, WhatsCPI, Ad4game, Adinall, Holasong, Adwonder, Hehemobi, Amgepic, FurtherMoreads, Trackier, Inplayable, Adsplay, Mobrand(CPA), Qverse, Leadbolt, Sapphyre, Linkmine, Echo226, LinkGoAds, Skyworker, Swagger, IGAWorks, MocaTech, Nposting, Novabeyond, Mobinetad, Appier, Jinglemobi, Gadmobe, Youapi, Resultsmedia ). View the following steps to set up in your network.

Step 1: Add ip <>, <>,< > on your advertiser's system.

(If your advertiser's system has no limitation with ips, you can ignore this step.)

Step 2: Create API key on your offerslook account.

Step 3: Go to Tools-->Smart Puller-> Sources-> Create.

Step 4: Fill in all the details and then click on Create.

(Source type means the advertiser platform. Source updates per clock, likes 12:00, 13:00.)

Step 5: View pulled offers from Sources offers.

Step 6: If you want to sync pulled offer to offer list,  go to Campaigns-> Create to bound the related settings.

Step 7: Fill in all related setting, then create it.

You can sync offers based on Price Type / Payout Value / Platform / Country.


Offer status: 

Default: It means the pulled offer will be marked with its original status at offer list from advertiser's side.

Active: It means the pulled offer will be marked as active status at offer list.

Pending: It means the pulled offer will be marked as pending status at offer list.

Paused: It means the pulled offer will be marked as paused status at offer list.


First Sync: It means the specific field won't be updated after pulling.

Always: It means  the specific field will be updated automatically per hour.

Disabled: It means when pulling offers, this field won't be pulled to offerslook.

(When you select the state of whole source, it means the rules you have set will be applied to the offers from the source. If  you leave it as blank, you can set it to offers one by one as well.)

Finally,  Click on the BUTTON to sync pulled offers into your offer list. (It updates per hour, like 12:30, 13:30)

You can check update details of smart puller in Activity Log-- Smart Puller.

If there exists any other question, please don't hesitate to contact with your account manager.