Postback is the most common way to pass conversions from one server to another server, while there is another way to pass conversions without postback url, Callback

Postback: You must submit your global postback to your advertiser to receive a conversion from your advertisers and your affiliates also need to submit their postback urls  to you to receive conversions from you. 

Callback: No postback url is required, and you only need to add callback parameter in tracking link.

Callback with advertiser: adding callback parameter in destination url.

Assume you get a tracking link from an advertiser,, 

then you need to implement it in destination url as{callback}

Callback with affiliate: adding callback parameter in tracking link

Assume the tracking link you gave your affiliate is, 

then your affiliate should implement it as{CALLBACK}

Once a conversion is generated, the platform will call the Callback url to pass the conversions. 

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