This feature allows you to setup additional tracking domains base on offers or affiliates. Before we go ahead, you need to follow the same steps as setting up custom domain so that the DNS information is pointed to the Offerslook  platform (setting-custom-domain-). Once the DNS information is updated, you can add customize tracking domains. These will only be used when you specify for an affiliate or offer to use one of them.

Find the following page to set multiple domain.

Go Setting->>Customization->>Domain->>Customize Tracking Domain->>Create

After you add multiple tracking domain, you can define one tracking domain as your default one. The default domain will be enabled to all of your offers and affiliates except for your custom setting.

How to set custom tracking domain with specific offers?

Go Offer details page->>Restriction->>Tracking Domain->>Update

How to set custom tracking domain with specific affiliates?

Go affiliate account details page->>Tracking Domian->>Create ->>Save

Customize tracking domain offer with customized tracking domain affiliate, the customized tracking domain with affiliate will be used.

If you need to use SSL service, please contact with your AM firstly.