It's great news that you get high quality offers from your advertisers, but how to promote them to your affiliates can be a headache. We are glad to announce that all this can be cured by Offerslook Email Marketing feature. 

1. Go to Mailbox Page 

Click Email Marketing->>Mailbox->>Start New Email to begin a new email campaign. 

2. Choose Recipients

There are three types of recipients, Affiliates,Advertiser, Employees. And they are further divided into more categories.

For example: 


Active Affiliates

By Tier

By Tag

By Country 

By Affiliate Manager


You can also customize the recipients as you want. 

3. Draft Mail Content

You can customize the sender name, subject, banner and mail content. In the mail content, some short codes are provided so that your recipients can receive personalized emails instead of  bulk emails. 

To promote specific offers, you can also add them to the email at the bottom page. 

4. Preview or Send 

After finishing your email content, you can choose to preview or send the email to recipients directly. 

You can also contact your Offerslook account manager for more details. 

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