In the newly updated version on the platform, Offerslook starts to support the multi-event tracking. In the past, Offerslook is only able to track one offer with one conversion, but now, you are able to run the type of the offers that require several events. This article is aimed to describe how to set up an offer with multiple events.

Step 1 Create Events for the Offer: 

Path: Offer>Select an Offer>Create Events

For instance, you now have an offer with 3 events for tracking: install, subscription and purchase, then you need to create the 3 events after you create an offer as below:


After you click on Create button, it will redirect as follows, then click Save to finish.


With the same path, you need to create the other two events for this offer, and finally you set up all 3 events for tracking in this offer like below:


Step 2 Share the Postback Links to your Advertisers for Each Event in an Offer

Path: Event Postback>Select the event one by one to get the postback link below>share for your adv

In the same page, you can see that there are optional selections for the postback links for each event:


When you select any one of the postback links, you can get the unique postback link for each event as below:

1. Postback link for Install


2. Postback link for Subscription


3. Postback link for Purchase


In summary, the three postback links are:

Install Postback:{click_id}&adv_id=5372
Subscription Postback:{click_id}&adv_id=5372&event_id=2
Purchase Postback:{click_id}&adv_id=5372&event_id=3

The parameter for click_id is the same in each postback link, and you need to integrate with your adv's paramters correctly when pasting the postback to adv's platform. The difference of the postback links is displayed with the fixed paramter "event_id=2" and "event_id=3" at the end of the second and third postback link.

Step 3 Generate the Tracking link to your Publisher and Create Affilaite's Postback Links for the Events

Path: Affiliates>Affiliate Postback>Click Create Button>Select the relevant offer and affiliate, then save postback link for each event.

The next step to promote the offer is to generate the tracking link to your affiliates, and ask your affiliate for the 3 event postback links, then create the postback links for 3 events and save them seperately for each event in Affiliate Postback Page.