This article aims to introduce how to create manager account on Offerslook. There are three buttons on Accounts setting:

a. Accounts: Create and edit mananger accounts.

b. Roles: Define authority of an accounts. You can use the three default roles or create your customized ones.

c. Teams: Set up teams, then to assign team leader for an account to manage its team.


Step 1Go to Account-Account menu. There are 3 buttons: Accounts, Roles and Teams.


Step 2: Roles: there are 3 default roles: Admin, Advertiser Manager and Affiliate Mananger. Roles are set to define the permission of an account. 


If you prefer to set up customized roles, just click Create, then to select the detailed permissions.


then, the page will turn to below, filling up the role's name, and the description here is an optional blank. Choose the permissions for the role, then click Save, the role will be set.


Step 3: In this step, you are to set up account for individual manager.Choose Account,click Create.


then, the page will turn to below, after filling up all the details(About Team and Team Leader settings, please refer to Step 4).


Choose the role for the account, then click Save.


Step 4: If you would like to set your account managers into teams, you can try to use this feature. Choose Teams, and then click Create.


For example, create a team of Affiliate Managers. The page will pop up as below, filling up the team's name and add descriptions, then click Save.


and then, you can view your teams has been set up successfully.


(Note: Team Leader account has the authority to check all data of other manager accounts in a team.)