There is a situaion often occurs in network business - Advertisers announce some of the traffic you bring are fraud (providing the detailed fraud report). In this case usually you cannot get paid by the advertisers, but you still did postback the fraud leads/conversions to your publishers, which will be a complex issue for networks to deal with. Thus, Offerslook released a feature that can greatly help for networks to fix this kind of issues.

This article aims to introduce the application of the feature - Approve & Reject conversions.

First of all, acknowledge that Offerslook defines offer conversions into 3 status: approved, rejected and pending.

When you create an offer, Conversions Need Approval can be set: Create offer> Conversions Need Approval> Disable or Enable. If you select Disable, all conversions received from this offers will automatically turn into approved status; if you select Enable, all conversions received from this offers will automatically turn into pending status.


Second, Approve & Reject conversions: Conversion Report>Choose Status as All>Check the list and implement as follows:

a. implement approved conversions to be rejected.

b. implement rejected conversions to be apporved.

c. implement pending conversions to be approved or rejected.


Third, multi-target operation is available at the button of the page:


Go to the button of the page, an option for multi-target operation is available to set the conversions into approved or rejected.

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