SSL,Secure Socket Layer, is a powerful feature which allows an offer to generate Tracking Links and Postback URL to HTTPS instead of HTTP. 

SSL For Custom Domain 

Before activating SSL for one offer, you must make sure your domain is SSL encrypted. If your custom domain is not SSL encrypted, please contact your account manager. 

Offerslook default domain is already SSL encrypted, so you can use it directly. 

Enable SSL

If you want to active SSL for one offer, go to Offer Page-->>Restriction, and you can change SSL status as below. 


When SSL Status is ON

1. Postback URL and Tracking link will be HTTPS instead of HTTP.

2. Only clicks and conversions with SSL encryption will be accepted by the platform, and those without SSL encryption will be rejected and recorded in Server Log.

When SSL Status is OFF

1. Postback URL and Tracking link will be HTTP instead of HTTPS.

2. All clicks and conversions will be accepted by the platform if they match Offer Targeting, either they are SSL encrypted or not. 

Caution: If you have been promoting one offer for quite a while with SSL OFF, when you change SSL status to ON, you MUST integrate  with your affiliates and advertiser again since Tracking Link and Postback URL have changed from HTTP to HTTPS. The other way around won't request re-interation since OFF status accept both HTTP and HTTPS. 

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