There are some new Offerslook users suffering the issue----Only clicks, no conversions after testing. This article aims to guide you how to check and solve such issues.

Step 1 - Check Whether the Destination URL has been pasted into Offer page with correct parameters.

Offers > Click into Offer details > Check Destination URL format as below:

In adding the tracking link from yoru advertiser to the destination url, you need to make sure you do use the parameter {click_id} to integrate with adv's CLICK ID.

Step 2 - Checking with the advertiser that whether your postback has been correctly pasted into their platform.

Advertisers > Advertiser Details:

Global Postback can be obtained from the Advertiser's Details page; Also, you can find your global postback to your advertiser in a relevant offer page. Do remember to confirm your advertiser that they paste your postback after replacing {click_id} with its own parameter.

In summary, if you still have any question about this part, please refer to the following relevant article about testing: <Testing Offer/Postback with Advertisers>

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