This article aims to introduce you the steps to set up business on Offerslook platform.



Process:  Login your account-> Create Advertiser -> Create Offer -> Create Affiliate ->Create Affiliate Postback 

->Test With Advertiser -> Test With Affiliate; 

Step1, Create Advertiser Account. 

There are two methods: 

a. Go to advertiser page, then click Create  ; 

b. Ask your advertiser to sign up at, then you need to approve it.


Step2, Create Offers.


Go to offer list and click on create button.  Fill in all necessary fields and then save. After you finish creating offer,  you can check offer details and get tracking link and postback on the offer details page. Multiple event offers are also supported.



Step3, Create Affiliate Account.

There are two methods: 

a. Go to affilaites page, then click Create (steps are similar to advertiser setting) ; 

b. Ask your publisher to sign up as your affiliate at your, then you need to approve it.



Step4, Create Affiliate Postback

Go to Affiliate Postback page and click  on Create button. You are supported to create three types of affiliate postback, they are global type, offer type and smartlink type. The integration ways  could be S2S, iframe/ image pixel and callback.

Step5, Test Integration with Advertiser's Platform.


Go to offer details page and find test button. When you click on the icon you will see test workflow with advertiser, please follow the process to finish your integration and test.



 Step6, Test with Affiliate Platform. 

Go to affiliate postback part, and then find TEST in affiliate postback list page. Finally you can test with affiliate and the page will show you the result, the retureMsg comes from your affiliate’s servers.



Step 7, Check Test Result.

After your test with advertiser and affiliate, you can find the test result in Test Conversion Report. All test mode enabled data can be found in this report.



Finally, when you have done all these steps, you may know how to get start with offerslook, and you will find out more other features in offerslook. Any further question, please contact with your account manager.