Affiliates of Offerslook-powered networks are able to save postback URL's on their own portal. Follow the steps below:


Step 1: On network portal, go to Setting -> Customization. On the Postback Approval setting:

  • If Require Approval is selected, then affiliate postback submission needs be approved by you to be effective
  • If None is selected, then affiliate postback submission will be effective once submitted

Step 2: On Affiliates's portal, Click Postback and then click Create, affiliates will be able to add his affiliate postback.



Step 3: Affiliates are able to select adding postback for all offers or a certain offer. It's recommended to add postback for all offers. And remember to add necessary tracking parameters that suits your tracking needs.

Step 4: When your affiliate finished adding postback, it will be marked as Approved if the default status of Postback Approval on your platform is set as None.


If the Postback Approval is set as Require Approval, the postback status will be marked as Pending and requires your approval in Affiliate Postback page. You will also be able to edit existing postback if it needs to be.

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