As you may know, you can set payouts to affiliates through a few ways: standard payouts for all affiliates (this is done while creating/updating offers), payouts to a specific affiliate, and offer payout tiers. And you can also set Volume Based Payouts to your affiliates.

What are Volume Based Tiers?

Volume Based Tiers enable your network to give incentive payouts to affiliates based on their performance. So you pay different rates to the same affiliates for the same offer, when they deliver different conversion amount during given period.

Example of Volume Based Tiers

You want to pay your affiliate a higher CPA as they run more traffic to your offer, such as:

  • 1-100 conversions: $12/CPA
  • 101-200 conversions: $13/CPA
  • 201-300 conversions: $14/CPA
  • 301+ conversions: $15/CPA

Setting Up Volume Based Tiers

1. Create Volume Based Tiers

Go to Affiliates -> Affiliate Payouts, and click Create. Inside the affiliate payout page, select an offer and an affiliate, click Add Tier.

2. Set Tiers Details for the Affiliate

Time Interval: set up the effective interval of the tier to be calculated, and there are 4 types to set - Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Custom.
  • Daily: sets up the interval to daily, and start time is the next day
  • Weekly: sets up the interval to weekly, and start time is the coming calendar Sunday
  • Monthly: sets up the interval to monthly, and start time is the 1st of the coming month
  • Custom: allows you to set a unique time range

Set up the TiersAs shown above, 4 tiers has been set with different payout respectively. Under this setting, you will have enable an incentive payout structure for the affiliate:

  • 1-100 conversions: $12/CPA
  • 101-200 conversions: $13/CPA
  • 201-300 conversions: $14/CPA
  • 301+ conversions: $15/CPA

For instance, if the affiliate brings 150 conversions, he will receive payout of $13/conversion; if he brings 320 conversions, he will receive payout of $15/conversion.

Do remember, when you set up Volume Based Tiers for an affiliate, it will cover the certain affiliate payout set above.

Multiple Payout Setting

Offerslook allows you to set multiple payouts so as to flexibly manage offer payout and incentivise affiliates more efficiently. To have a better idea of the payout combination, please take a deeper look at this tutorial.

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