Payout of offers is normally the same for all affiliates, and if you want to set a different payout for a specific affiliate, you can do it by creating different payouts for affiliates. However, it will take lots of time to set with a bunch of affiliates.

Offer Payout Tiers is a feature that enables you to quickly set up and manage groups of affiliates, and assign different payouts of an offer to those groups. It's much faster by setting up payout tiers than setting a custom payout for each affiliates respectively. This feature is also useful for networks that want to categorize affiliates based on their performance, ensuring top performing affiliates receive a higher payout than average ones, or to group affiliates based on other characteristics such as geo-locations.

For example, a network might want to have five payout tiers:

1. 5-Star

2. 4-Star

3. 3-Star

4. 2-Star

5. 1-Star

A newly signed-up affiliate will not be placed in any tiers until it is assigned. Thus, affiliates without tiers will get the standard payout in the offer. And affiliates assigned to any of the above tiers will have the payout of that tier. To enable Payout Tiers, following the settings below.

Enabling Payout Tiers

Fist step is to enable Payout Tiers in setting. Go to Setting -> Customization -> Preferences -> Offer Payout Tiers, and make it enabled.

Creating Payout Tiers and Assigning Affiliates to Tiers

Go to Offers > Offer Payout Tiers, and click 'Create'. On the next page, assign the tier with a name and description. Then assign affiliates to the tier. You can quickly assign affiliates to the tier by adding the 'Affiliates' in the left to the right row, then click 'Save'.

A payout tier then has been created, and shown in the list of Payout Tiers. Note that each affiliate can only be assigned to one tier.

Customization in Grouping the Tiers

Apart from setting up tiers based on the performance such as '5-Star/4-Star/3-Star/2-Star/1-Star', you can also group tiers with other criteria, such as based on geo-locations: North America/Europe/APAC/..., or any other criteria that suits your business. To do that, simply rename each tier.

Setting Payout to Tiers in an Offer

Once the tiers have been created and affiliates have been assigned, then you can finally set the payout for each tier in an offer. Go to offer detail page, enable Offer Payout Tiers, and in the Offer Payout Tiers section you can edit each payout price. Select turn on to make it active.

After a value has been assigned to each tier, then click "Save" or "Update" at the bottom.

Once the setting has been updated, the affiliates will start receiving the payout from the tiers they were assigned to, instead of the default offer payout.

Which Payout is the "Real" Payout for Affiliates?

Now you might notice that on an Offerslook platform, you can set payouts to affiliates through 4 ways: standard payout, payout in a payout-tier, affiliate (standalone) payout, payout in a volume-based tier.

So which payout will be applied to your affiliate?

The priority will be run with the following rule:

1. If Volume-based tier is enabled, Volume-Based-Tier Payout is the ultimate payout for an affiliate, regardless of whether other payouts are set;

2. If Volume-based tier is not enable and Affiliate Payout is set, then Affiliate Payout is the ultimate payout for an affiliate, regardless of whether payout-tier payout is set;

3. If Volume-based tier is not enabled, Affiliate Payout is not set, and Payout-Tier Payout is enabled, then Payout-Tier Payout is the ultimate payout for an affiliate;

4. If only Standard Payout is set for an affiliate, while other payout settings are not enabled, then Standard Payout is the ultimate and sole payout for an affiliate.

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