When integrating with affiliates, usually you will get the postback of your affiliates. 

How to create a global postback for an affiliate in Offerslook platform? 

Let's check the following steps:

First, go to the affiliate postback page.

Second, click Create button.

Third, select All Offers.

Fourth, choose a certain affiliate.

Finally, put the postback link into the Code blank with correct format.

For instance, the original postback: http://oltest.offerstrack.net/advBack.php?&transaction_id={####}

The #### should be replaced by aff_sub1. (Usually Offerslook users takes aff_sub1 as the parameter for passing click id value with affiliates)


And the correct format should be: http://oltest.offerstrack.net/advBack.php?&transaction_id={aff_sub1}


Then click Create and finish the setting.

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