When you integrate with your affiliates, usually you need to generate a tracking link for them.

Below are the steps of generating a tracking link to your affiliates and how you should give it to your affiliate in correct format.

First, go to the offer list and click into the detailed page of an Offer.

Second, click Approved & Caps, then approve affiliates into the list.

Third, go back to the Details Page and select any one of approved affilaites to generate a tracking link.

Finally, send the tracking link to your affiliate in a correct format.

For instance, the orginal tracking link is: http://offerslookdemo.offerstrack.net/index.php?offer_id=15896&aff_id=5348. 

Before you send it to your affiliate, you need to add the parameter at the end of the tracking link as follows:



  • aff_sub1 is the custom parameter for offerslook users to integrate with partners, and usually aff_sub1 is used to pass click id value with affiliates.
  • the #### should be the parameter of your affiliate to pass click id value.

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