When you integrate offers with your advertiser, you usually need to provide your advertiser a postback. where to get your postback for your advertiser ?

Let us check the steps below:

First, go to the advertiser page:

Second, click into the detailed page of an advertiser:

Third, find the postback:

Fourth, Make it as Global Postback URL---- you just need to remove the part of Advertiser identification "&adv_id=stat", you can get the global postback like below:

From the postback for certain advertiser:


Change to be a Global Postback URL for all advertisers:


Notice: The postback with "adv_id" is a specialty in Offerslook system to mark the advertiser, when the postback with adv_id, it will be just fit to the certain advertiser. If you do not like it, you can remove this part and just place the global postback on your advertiser's system.

Fifth, send the postback to your advertiser and remind that the {click_id} should be edit:

The original format:   http://offerslookdemo.offerstrack.net/advBack.php?click_id={click_id}&adv_id=5354


The part {click_id} should be replaced by your advertiser's parameter in its own platform when adding to its system.

For example, if your advertiser use the parameter aff_sub to pass click id with you, the postback should be in the format like: 


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