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Offerslook is featured with powerful alert function which enables you or your affiliates to be notified when specific events are triggered. These alerts include 2 types, in-platform notifications (hereafter, referred to as notificationsand email notifications (hereafter, referred to as emails).


Among these alerts, caps notifications & emails can help you to make right decisions for offers with limited quota. And these specific alerts include 

  • Offer Caps Approaching
  • Offer Caps Reached
  • Affiliate Caps Approaching
  • Affiliate Caps Reached.

Enabling Notifications & Emails

To access these settings, in the menu go to Setting -> Brand Setting -> Message -> Offer Caps Approaching/ Offer Caps Reached/ Affiliate Caps Approaching/ Affiliate Caps Reached.

Emails are available for affiliates and affiliate managers, while notifications are applied to affiliates, affiliate managers, advertiser managers and administrators. You can manage what notifications & emails your team and your affiliates can receive. 

Alert Trigger Conditions

Offer Caps Approaching & Offer Caps Reached:

  • when offer caps reached 90%, Offer Caps Approaching will be triggered.
  • when offer caps reached 100%, Offer Caps Reached will be triggered.

Affiliate Caps Approaching & Offer Caps Reached:

  • when affiliate caps reached 90%, Affiliate Caps Approaching would be triggered.
  • when affiliate caps reached 100%, Affiliate Caps Reached would be triggered.

Caps Alert with Caps Matrix

However, when you set a caps matrix for multiple affiliates, it might be come a bit complex. But generally, it follows the rules below:

  • For affiliate with caps - either Private Caps or Shared Caps - it will receive maximum 4 notifications/emails – all the alerts described above.
    • There is one exception. If Offer Caps Reached is already triggered while Affiliate Caps Approaching and Affiliate Caps Reached are not triggered yet, Affiliate Caps alert won’t be triggered any more.
  • For affiliates without caps, but running offers with caps, affiliates will only receive Offer Caps Approaching notification/email, when 90% of the caps are consumed, and receive Offer Caps Reached when 100% of the caps are consumed.

Case Studies

Suppose you have set a cap of 1,000 conversions for the offer X. And you have 3 affiliates: Affiliate A, Affiliate B, Affiliate C and Affiliate D. You have decided to set the following cap matrix:

Affiliates Caps Type
Affiliate A Private 400
Affiliate B
Shared 400
Affiliate C
Affiliate D
No Caps -

  • Affiliate A/B/C will receive notifications/emails when it hits 360 conversions (Affiliate Caps Approaching) and 400 conversions (Affiliate Caps Reached) respectively; 
  • Affiliate A/B/C will also receive notifications/emails when the offer has 900 conversions (Offer Caps Approaching) and 1000 conversions (Offer Caps Reached)
  • For anyone of Affiliate A/B/C, if the offer has reached 1,000 conversions before any of them reaches 360 conversions, they'll only receive Offer Caps alert, but no Affiliate Caps alert.
  • Affiliate D will only receive notifications/emails when the caps of offer X is 90% consumed (Offer Caps Approaching) and 100% consumed (Offer Caps Reached).

Changes to Caps in the middle

More complexities will occur if you make changes to caps. Suppose you have set a cap of 1,000 conversions for the offer, and 950 conversions have been reached and Offer Caps Approaching notifications/emails triggered.

Offer Caps are changed to: Caps Approaching
Caps Reached
Already trigger, won’t trigger again. (950/1050=90.5%)
Will be triggered when it reaches 1050.
Will be triggered when it hits 1,800.
Will be triggered when it hits 2,000.
X < 1000
Already trigger, won’t trigger again.
Will be instantly triggered if 950/X >100%.

Should you have any further questions on caps notifications & emails, please contact your account manager for explanations.

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