Storing your affiliates' financial information into your network can accommodate your payment process. Now on Offerslook platform, you can add affiliate financial information manually or have your affiliate add the information from their portals.

With such information, you can avoid double checking with affiliates when you want to make payments to affiliates, you can also generate invoices automatically with such setting.

This guide walks through how you can add affiliate financial information manually as a network Admin or Affiliate Manager:

This guide walks through how your affiliates can add their financial information on Affiliate Portal:

On the selected Affiliate Details, Click Invoice

Financial Details.In the Financial Details section, fill in information of the affiliate. This information will be shown on the generated invoices, and indicates who the invoices are addressed to.

Payment Details.In the Payment Details section, you can choose default payment method - Bank Transfer or Paypal.Fill in required information and click Save.

In the Generate Invoice section, you can set invoice automation.Invoice Frequency: - Select Enable to automative invoice generation- Select Disable to disable this function

Billing Interval. Choose a desired billing interval to automate invoices - weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or bi-monthly.

Select a Timezone. Invoice data will then be based on the selected timezone.

Input notes that you want it to be shown on the invoices.Click Save to save your setting.

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In Affiliate Portal, click Profile

Go to Financial Details.Affiliates can fill in contact information. Generally you can add your Finance Colleague over here.Automatic invoices will be sent to this contact.

In the Payment Details section, Affiliates can set default payment methods - Bank Transfer or Paypal.Network clients will be able to view payment method when they're going to make payments.

Click Save once everything is set up.