For most offers, your affiliates have to apply for them in order to get tracking links and get them promoted. And for each offer application, you have to approve them.

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Go to Offers -> Offer Applications menu.

In Keywords box, type in relevant keywords and click Search to start.In this case, let's try offerslook.

Alternatively, you can use Offer drop-down menu to select the specific offer and view who applies for it.Click Search.

You may also check on specific affiliate and whether they have applied for offers.Click Affiliate, select an affiliate, and click Search.For example,

You may also narrow down the search by selecting status. Select status Pending to view those applications not yet approved.And click Search.

On the Offers Application list, if you want to view the details of the affiliates applying for the offers, just click on the specific affiliate.

To sort out the list by time sequence, you may click on Apply Time.

To approve an offer application, click on the Approve icon.

Click Yes to confirm this action again; at this point you can still change your mind.If ok, then you have just approve an offer application!