While number of affiliates is critical to the success of your ad network, quality of affiliates is also important. To let you filter desired affiliates, Offerslook enables you to have a say from the affiliate application.

After affiliates sign up on your platform, they will not directly become active affiliates, but they'll become pending affiliates, and you can approve them and decide whether they're qualified to become your affiliate.

Steps below shows how you can approve or reject these pending affiliates.

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Go to Affiliates -> Pending Affiliates menu.

If you're certain to approve the specific affiliate, Click Manager options.If you're an administrator or team leader, you'll see a list of affiliate managers, select a manager to assign to.If you're an affiliate manager, you'll only select yourself.

If you want to review the answers the affiliate leave on the sign-up questions, click Check button.

Click Approve icon.

Click Yes to double confirm the approval, then the affiliate is officially onboard to your network!

If you want to reject an affiliate application, click the Reject icon.

Click Yes to confirm your rejection. Then the affiliate will not be able to be in your pool of affiliates.