When you're running a global ad network, you may be facing clients from all over the world. While scaling up business globally is aspiring, it may also create challenges from different time zones. For example, you advertiser may require you to pause an offer, but the effective time may be mid night for you.

Offerslook offers a creative solution - timer automation. With this, you can preset a timing when you want to get an offer run or paused automatically.

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Go to Offers -> Offers menu.

Click the Timer icon on the right of the specific offer that you want to set.

If you want to set a timing to allow an offer to be paused automatically, select Paused. While if the offers is Paused already, and you want to set it to be Active automatically, then select Active.

Click Effective Time, and select a specific timing when you want the offer to be effective automatically.You can set the timing down to hour level.Note that the timing is based on the timezone of the offer.

Click Save, and you're done!Do nothing and the offer will be paused automatically at the required time.

If you want to edit or remove the automation setting, click the Timer icon again.

Click Edit to edit the setting.Or click Delete, to delete the timer.

Click OK to confirm deletion, and the timer will be deleted.