Under many circumstances, you may want to limit the number of conversions or budget that an affiliate can drive to an offer. These circumstances may include you advertiser has already given you a restricted cap, or that you may be testing an offer to see.

Offerslook enables you to set up caps flexibly with multiple caps setting options. You can set caps based on Clicks, Conversion and Budget amount. You could also set caps by Total caps and Daily caps.

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Caps Type is preset as None by default, which means there's no cap for the offer.

On the Offer Detail Page, click Caps Type and you'll see 3 types of cap setting.Total cap: setting the maximum cap for a certain period.Daily cap: setting the maximum daily cap.Budget cap: setting maximum cap in dollar value.

Select a Cap type that you need.But if the fields for inputting number are greyed out, then the corresponding Pricing Type of the Offer has not been set up.Go back to Details to set Pricing Type first.

Let's set CPC for this offer for example.

For CPC type offers, you can set Clicks Caps and Budget Caps.Select Total Caps as Caps Type, then you'll be able to set caps based on Click value.For example, setting 1,000 clicks allows you to restrict 1,000 clicks maximum for the entire period.

If you change Caps Type to Daily, then the 1,000-clicks cap is only effective for 1 day.

If you change Caps Type to Budget, then you'll only be able to set caps based on dollar value.For example, setting 10,000 means you allow $10,000 for the offer during the entire period.

If you switch Pricing Type of the offer to CPA or CPI, then you'll be able to set caps based on Conversions and Budget.The process of setting caps for an CPA/CPI offer is the same as setting caps for an CPC offer.

Select Caps Timezone to apply the cap into the timezone per your requirement.