Ad network administrators such as Advertiser Manager and Affiliate Manager have to load data reports from time to time. They have the needs of viewing a fix set of data reports, however they have to spend plenty of time selecting data points and filtering options each time. This can be simplified.

Offerslook saves your efficiency by giving you the power to customize your own data reports. Here shows how you can create a custom report.

Note that the above demonstration applies to General Report, Conversion Report, Test Conversion Report and Affiliate Fraud Report.

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The case will be demonstrated with General Report. It also applies to Conversion Report, Test Conversion Report and Affiliate Fraud Report.Go to Reports -> General Report menu.

Go to one of the 5 Custom Reports that you want to customize on.

Select the data points that you want to be included in the report.You can also select filters to narrow down the report range.

Click Save Custom Report. And the custom report is saved and generated!

If you want to use a unique name for the custom report, click Action -> Rename.

Type in name of the report and Save.The custom report is perfectly created and renamed!P.S. It also supports other languages besides English.

If you want to delete this customization, click Action -> Delete. Then this report will be deleted and reset to Custom Report 4.Or if you want to make slight revision to this report, simply make changes and click Save Custom Report.