Creating an advertiser is essential on Offerslook, as you need to assign offers to specific advertisers to get them promoted. And it's pretty easy! The following steps guides you on the advertiser account creation.

For a video version of this tutorial, pls visit: [Video] Creating an advertiser account.

Advertiser IP Whitelisting

Note that if you want to whitelist IP addresses for you advertiser, you can have up to 50 combinations of IP addresses. In each IP address blank, you can either fill in one single IP address, or you can also fill in a string of IP addresses which are consecutive.

To input a string of IP addresses, you must use the right format:

  • must be connected with "-" without blanks. For example, "" is the right one, " -" is not correct;
  • the end-up IP address should be larger than start-up IP address. For example, "" is the right one, "" is not correct.

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Click Advertisers -> Advertisers menu.

Click Create.

Fill in the details of your advertiser, including: first name, last name, email address, mobile NO., website, IM & IM account, company name, country, and select advertiser manager (ADM)

Select whether you want to use Security Code.If selected to be Yes, a unique security code will be generated. It'll allow all conversions to have this security code.Conversions without this code will be rejected. This helps you prevent fraud traffic.

Click Status of Active.

Select whether to add whitelisted IP's.If selected to be Yes, fill in the IP's. Then only conversions fired from these IP's will be accepted.This also helps you prevent fraud traffic.

Type in a Password.

Click Create to save and confirm. A new advertiser account is then created!