Creating an offers is the first step to start promoting an offer, and on Offerslook we make this process very simply. Follow the steps below to start creating a new offer.

As you notice, when creating the offer, you will encounter a set of parameters. These tracking parameters are optional tokens that can be added to the destination URL and postback URL.

Let's walk-through on these parameters:

click_id Click ID is unique identification codes generated when users click on offers, to track individual clicks and their potential conversions. 
offer_id Offer ID is the number the network assigned to their offer to track potential conversions.
country_id Country ID is the number the network assigned to which country the click comes from.
aff_id Affiliate ID is the number the network assigned to their publisher to track potential conversions.
adv_id Advertiser ID is the number the network assigned to their advertiser to track potential conversions.
aff_sub1- aff_sub5 Aff_Sub1, Aff_Sub2 to Aff_Sub5 are the parameters open for the network's definition and can be used to carry any tokens. For instance, we usually use aff_sub1 as a parameter for affiliates/publishers collect clicks.
source_id Source ID is a parameter of information about various traffic sources for a tracking links, also it is a great way for affiliates to keep track of their various campaigns.
agent Agent is a parameter of information on the visitors' OS, browser type, etc.
click_time Click Time is the recorded time of the ad being clicked, which helps to determine the actual time of the ad being displayed.
payout Payout is the amount payable to publisher for each click or conversion.
referer Referer is a URL that detects how a website visitor arrived at a certain page and helps marketer see the effectiveness of websites and compare traffic quality.
accept_lan Accept Lan is the language used by the browser of the user who clicks on the ad.
ip IP is the IP address from which the user clicks the ad, also known as Click IP, traditionally used as a reference for a unique visitor.
unique_click Unique Click is the total number of unique people who have clicked on the ad, which is different from Gross Click that counts total clicks without segregation.

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Go to Offers -> Offer menu.

Click Create

Input offer Name of the offer.

Choose Advertiser, Category and Duration of the offer.If advertiser is not shown in the list, you'll have to create the advertiser beforehand.If desired category is not shown, click Edit to create a new one.

Select Status of Active, Paused, Pending or Deleted.Select Pricing Type of CPA, CPI, CPC, or CPM.

Input Revenue and Payout amount value.

Insert Preview URL, a URL that shows a preview of the Offer, or the landing page; no tracking pixel is installed on the URL.

Insert Destination URL, the target URL where your affiliate traffic will be led to, and it must contain parameter of "click_id".Choose other Tracking Parameters to add into the Destination URL if necessary.

Select status of Offers Approval: Require Approval, Public or Private.

Input Description content to show to your Affiliates additional requirements of the offer.

In the Restriction section.Select Yes or No, for Push Allowed, Incent Allowed and Adult Allow, to indicate whether push-type traffic, incentivized traffic and adult-related traffic are allowed or not.

Select the Caps Type and set values for the cap.Click Caps Timezone to set the timezone under which the cap is applied to.Note that we have another tutorial regarding how to set offer caps.

In the Targeting section, you can set Geo Targeting & Platform Targeting conditions.Geo Targeting allows you to target the offer to countries, states or cities.Platform Targeting allows you totarget platform, OS and OS versions.

In Creative Files section, you can upload creatives for the offer promotion.Click Add Files to start uploading files.Supported formats, image pixels requirement, and maximum files number are listed.

That's it. You're done. Hit the Create button as the last step in creating offer.