Follow the steps below to learn how to create custom affiliate sign-up questions - questions that new affiliates need to answer when signing up to your platform.

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Go to Brand Setting -> Settings menu.

Click Affiliate Sign Up

Click Create to create new questions.

You can customize the new question, and set it to Required to make the question a mandatory option.

Click Type to select from 4 question forms: Text Box - let affiliates to type in answersYes or No - let affiliates to choose yes or no Single Selection - let affiliates to choose one answerMultiple Choice - let affiliates to choose multiple answers

For Status, it 2 options: Active and Pause.Active means the question will be lie, while Pause means the question will not be live and not shown to sign-up affiliates.

Type detailed questions into the Question field.

If the question type is Single Selection or Multiple Choice, Type the Choice(s) content in the Answer field below.After finishing one line, press Enter key on your keyboard to proceed to next line.

Click Save to save the question. And there you go! You have just created a custom sign-up question!

Click the Update icon to update the question if adjustment is needed.

Click Save after adjustment is made to your question.Bingo! You have just mastered how to create custom Affiliate Sign-up questions!