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How much does it cost to vinyl wrap your car?

How much does it cost to vinyl wrap your car? Please share your contacts here in Toronto

Well, I had my ride wrapped in the 3M wrap (i.e., the good stuff) in 2008. The installation was imperfect, but otherwise it has performed completely as expected.

The issues that I've seen:

I have the MINI bonnet stripes. These are basically stickers on the hood that look sorta like racing stripes. Unfortunately, the dye on the stripes and the solvent for the wrap weren't compatible. There was an installation issue, fixed by a new set of stripes.

I only wrapped part way up the hood. This would be fine except it only covered part of the stripes. The stripes that were not covered have faded, looking funny.



Depends on the service greatly. I prefer some trusted one and use this one in Toronto  I used to wrap my car there and should say it worked pretty well for me. The film has self-healing properties which allow small scratches, swirls and defects to be removed with heat. So, it can be done pretty easy. Simply give them a try.

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