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How to Write an Impressive Critical Essay Introduction?

The goal of a critical essay is to critically analyze a piece of literature to make it understandable for the reader. The literature work could be a book, a movie, or a painting. The critical essay looks at someone's work from different angles to evaluate how the writer has presented the central theme of the work. 

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When writing a critical essay, you need to properly understand the literature work so that you can come up with your interpretation of that work. After that, you need to present an argument and support it with evidence, facts, and examples from the work or other sources. Supporting evidence and examples are important to present so that you can prove that your interpretation is acceptable. 

In this article, you will learn about how you can write an introduction of a critical analysis essay. Follow the step by step introduction writing guide while essay writer writes your papers. This guide is applicable to any type of essay or paper with some slight differences .   

The introduction section is based on three essential elements:

Hook statementBackground informationThesis statement

The critical essay introduction presents one more element; that is the main point presented by the author in his work. Here is a step by step process of writing a critical analysis college essay introduction.  

Hook Statement

The hook statement is the first statement of the introduction paragraph. The goal of the hook statement is to grab the reader's attention as soon as he starts reading the essay. The beginning of the essay decides whether the reader reads the complete essay or not. Therefore it should be compelling enough that encourages the reader to read the whole essay. 

Central Theme

After grabbing the reader's attention, and hooking them to the essay, provide the central theme of the work you are analyzing. State the main point of the entire work you are going to analyze to make your reader understand the work you are analyzing. 

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Background Information

Before you present any information about the literary work you are analyzing, make sure you do the research about it. Researching will help you get the background details of the literary work. And that information not just helps you understand the work but your reader as well to connect with the literary work. 

Carefully introduce the topic and the writer of the work that you are analyzing. Tell about what the author wants his audience to remember about his work. Make your reader connect with the author's work by providing brief background information.

Thesis Statement

At the end of the introduction paragraph, present the thesis statement that is the main idea of ​​your essay. It should resonate with the work you are analyzing, but it should not be something from the literary work you are analyzing. Evaluate the work carefully and present the thesis statement around it.

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