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All about Recent Data Breaches

In this new era when everyone is getting digital, you also must have heard the term

‘data breach at some point of time. A data breach is an incident when some confidential information is released into an untrusted environment. This release could also be intentional or unintentional. Your data is valuable and should belong to you. Nevertheless our online records are exposed on an almost daily basis, with potentially devastating consequences.

There are various notable data breaches that took place in recent times. A few recent data breaches mentioned below:

·        Adobe

·        Adult Friend Finder

·        Canva

·        eBay

·        Dubsmash

·        Heartland Payment Systems

·        LinkedIn

·        Marriott International

·       MySpace

·        Yahoo

Each of these data breaches had an impact on millions of people, and provide different

examples of how a company can be compromised or leave an extraordinary number

of records exposed. By now a lot of things became clear in your mind about this. But no matter what you might also have a few doubts flooding your mind. To get appropriate answers for all of your queries, you should definitely take some expert assistance. For

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