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60+ Latest Topics For Information Technology Research Papers

Modern life spins around multiple elements of technology and due to its tremendous increase, it has become an inevitable part of our lives. We rely upon technology to perform daily tasks as well. Due to the scope of IT, many students prefer to make a career in this field.



Are you one of those students who have currently enrolled in the class IT and assigned a research paper? Well, no matter what field you choose you to need to ensure that you write a top-notch custom essay or a research paper that will assure you good grades.

You must be thinking about how to write an effective research paper. But! Wait have you selected a topic yet? If no, then believe me you are missing the key step to write a research paper that is worth reading.

Have you ever wondered why many students spent so much time finding a great topic? Probably not. Let me shed some light on the importance of a good topic. The main reason you write a research paper is to gain bonus points and the first thing that the evaluation team sees is the topic.

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If you still want to explore the options, then I am here to help you out. Below is a pool of more than 60 + IT-related topics that you can use to write a research paper. 

Integrating cloud service with an ERP system

Device discover in D-2-D communication

Direct and indirect device discovery

Cybersecurity in the smart grid.

Analyzing vulnerabilities in android mobile operating systems

Analysis of redundancy in 4G mobile networks.

Analyzing the security vulnerabilities of IT systems.

The efficiency of the face recognition method.

Intrusion detection system

Image encryption by utilizing the AES algorithm

Use of blockchain to ensure data security.

Artificial Intelligence in Criminology.

Biometric system for ATM systems.

Hand-tracking techniques for self-driving cars.

Web data mining to detect the spread of terrorism online.

PC chatting and image sharing system.

Image encryption techniques for secure image transfer

credit and debit card fraud detection system.

Cursor movement with the help of hand gestures.

Facial expression recognition system.

Cloud-based ticketing system.

Graphical password strategy project

Multichip-relays using Nash equilibrium.

Data leakage detection system.

Advanced real estate portal.

Patient tracker system.

Artificial intelligence pediatrician

Online auction system security.

Spotting phishing websites via machine learning.

ATM system security by utilizing image steganography.

File storage using hybrid cryptography.

Image steganography by utilizing K-Means

Removal of data duplication by using a checksum.

Honeypot project

Improved video surveillance via CCTVs

Password authentication system.

School security system via RFID

Encrypted SMS system.

E-Bug tracker system.

Online lab reporting system.

Online patient diagnosis system.

Mineworkers’ protection system using ZigBee and wireless communication.

Cloud storage using blockchain.

Mobile recharge via an online portal.

Vehicles automation system.

Home security alarm system.

Android-based video encryption.

Automated college attendance system

Mobile attendance system.

Fibonacci series file encryption.

Lane-line detection system by utilizing OpenCV.

Biometric voting system.

Biometric ticketing system for local busses.

Smart alarm system for homes.

Smart alarm system for offices.

File finder and sorting via the android based system.

Android-based Robotic arm

Live voting system

PC monitoring via the internet.

Topic detection via keyboard clustering.

Analysis of Web servers’ login

Attendance via face recognition.

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