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Are travel pillows effective?

Are travel pillows effective? Can you recommend any brand?

Yes, travel pillows are highly effective if you are a frequent traveler. A traveler's true companion is a travel pillow! Those long hours on restricted seats and uncomfortable positions can prove to be quite painful at times!

This is where your travel pillow enters as your knight in the shining armour! It makes sure that you sail through the journey by providing you all the comfort in the world! You can buy one from Nasher Miles, it's the best out there!


Sure, they are! I can not imagine my life without it. I have been using the pillow from and should admit that its weight and size is well-balanced for a comfortable sleep. Plus it has a reliable valve, which doesn’t let the air escape. It’s is easy to use – you will be able to inflate the backpack pillow with just 3-4 deep breaths. Highly recommended by the way. Good luck

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