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Should I totally remodel?

I have a prewar house with old pink and green tiles in the bathrooms in fairly good condition, should I totally remodel and go with marble or keep them as a vintage look?

If your budget is low, and you are okay with most of the fixtures, I can highly recommend tile painting BY A PROFESSIONAL. There are resurfacing experts out there that use technologically advanced materials and application methods to fix flaws and change colors in tile and porcelain (sinks, counters, walls, tubs), and most kitchen surfaces. A warning: don’t try using the kits that are sold in home centers to do more than just repairs on tile and tubs.


There are franchised businesses, such as Bath Fitters, that do cover-ups of old fixtures, but I don’t have any experience with them. I did have a great relationship with an independent resurfacer when I had my business. I trusted him and recommended him to many customers. He could even update Formica countertops and cabinets.


If you have the money and time and a good contractor, remodel away! Because it’s an old house, expect a lot

Well, it depends on many factors actually, so you`d better ask for some professional advice. The main problem would be planning and the design itself. I would recommend to start from getting a free quote from Fittra Construction, check out  You see. this company is specializing on such cases and can provide you with all information required. Plus, you will get a detailed quote and they would stay in budget and in schedule. Simply give them a try. Best of luck

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