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How can I find out what my children are doing at the computer?

How can I find out what my children are doing at the computer?


  I'm excited. Children many times online

On social networks, children communicate with each other much more often than in ordinary life, it even comes to the point that, sitting at the food court at the same table, they do not talk, but communicate with the help of gadgets.

Meanwhile, cyberspace can be both an assistant (in educational matters, for example), and a zone of increased danger. What is cyberbullying - up to 33% of children face online bullying. Many hide from their parents the details of what is happening to them on the Internet, and then reap the bitter fruits in real life. According to the parents, the result is stress, self-esteem goes down, school performance decreases, withdrawal, insomnia appear, and it comes down to depression.

Install Refog Keylogger on your children's computer. So you will know all the activity of your children on the computer. This program records any keystroke. It will help you to protect your children

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