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How to choose an IT developer?

Our company needs software that will ensure efficient operation and information protection. How to choose an IT developer?

When choosing an IT developer, our company studied the portfolios of different companies. We paid attention to the projects of WTT Solutions 

This company positions moving away from legacy approaches and reimagining business through digital transformation and new digital enterprises. WTT Solutions has been working on my SaaS solution for business automation from the very beginning. This is what we were looking for! WTT Solutions has become our reliable technical partner

It all depends on the features you need. I use a CRM/Saas system that the guys have built specifically for the business. Our Saas/crm solution on the server is like a broad cloud ecosystem, which is far superior to third-party solutions that run independently from all business processes. If you have a large organization, it is very convenient to receive and not miss important alerts because your Saas system is more like an assistant, not only for scheduled meetings, but also for achievable KPIs, growth and decline points, when you receive a notification of an alert that some of the resources can end in the near future. Each employee has their own access rights, these are different data access rights. Website - they set everything up.

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