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Troubleshooting Signal Loss

Last night I had a projector lose signal randomly during an event. After spending some time frantically trying to trouble shoot the problem, I opted to disconnect another part of the installation that was more decorative and less crucial and re-map the center stage through it's output. The show went on, but the excruciating few minutes of bluescreen at peak-show time has got me thinking about redundancy and how to make my rig reliable especially for larger scale, high expectation events.

How do you go about trouble shooting signal loss?
How do you ensure that problems like this don't happen to you?
What are some best practises for redundancy and ensuring reliable performance?

I have a suspicion the issue might be with a port on my GPU, but I am not sure how to test this and I am having trouble re-creating the problem. This might be too vague.

I want to maintain a system that is reliable and have peace of mind this issue won't arise again, but am unsure of the steps to take to get there.

very useful info

Hey Domer67, you can fix this complete signal loss screen by making sure that you have proper connections from the outside and your dish is not moved it’s problem in high winds. You can try this site to learn more about connection loss issues. You can unplug your receiver and also the in line modulator/demodulator and wait for a few seconds. Just plug the mod/demod in the start and the receiver later and wait for the receiver so it could sync up. In case you forget to unplug the issue of the modulator/demodulator then you will not be able to have a good 4K or 1080p resolution to your LED/LCD tv.

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