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The Chicago referencing style is commonly used by students and researchers all across the globe to credit the ideas and text of other authors in their own written work by extending the virtue of originality to their arguments and conclusions without committing plagiarism. 

The style offers academic writers a choice between the notes-bibliography system and the author-date system that can be selected on the basis of the program you’re enrolled in and the type of sources you are citing. This article does not majorly focus on the format of the Chicago referencing style but it will give you a good overview of the rules associated with the same. 

It is an inevitable fact that preparing an accurate reference list or in-text citations for your assignments is a tedious task. The process becomes all the more problematic when there are multiple variants of the Chicago referencing style that can be used with your academic assignments. Keeping this factor in mind, the editing and proofreading experts of the LiveWebTutors platform joined hands with our dexterous programmers to develop an astonishing Oxford referencing generator tool that will help the students to prepare faultless references for their academic assignments without any hassle. You can create multiple references without paying a hefty charge, that too in just a few minutes.

Why is it important to cite your academic documents?

Plagiarism is a strict offence in the academic sector that often leads to the cancellation of your entire degree program. Many times, students tend to commit to plagiarism by failing to properly credit the source material used in their scholarly documents. Lack of unerring references is equivalent to stealing the thoughts or words of other writers and presenting them as your own. It is a breach of academic integrity that has a negative impact on your overall grades or can even lead you to face a legal consequence from the original author. Proper use of the Chicago referencing format protects the students from committing this grievous literary offense and being accused of using someone else's work as their own. 

It is important for the students to highlight any borrowed source text that might appear as their own if not referenced accurately. Keep in mind that it is always better to over-refer your academic assignments rather than under-citing them. Therefore, in order to enhance the academic integrity of your document, it is important to add proper citations to your assignments. 

All you need to know about the Chicago referencing generator tool by the LiveWebTutors platform

The objective of the Chicago referencing generator tool by the LiveWebTutors platform is to educate the students about the advantages of adding reliable sources to the efficiently written content and identifying the significance of including that material in the bibliography.

We have once been at your position, hence thoroughly understand that it is challenging for the students to strum down to writing a lengthy bibliography for their academic assignments just after completing the hectic writing task. The never-ending pressure of the stringent deadlines adds to this burden even more and this is when they tend to submit their academic assignments with average or incorrect references that often become a major cause of plagiarism. The proficient panel of the LiveWebTutors platform decided to put an end to this misery of the scholars by introducing an impeccable automated Chicago referencing generator tool that can help the students to prepare clear citations for their academic assignments in just a few clicks. It is rapid, easy to use, and is also compatible with all types of sources.

Do not procrastinate and visit the official website of the LiveWebTutors platform to enjoy the value-added benefits associated with this automated software and prepare a solid reference list for your academic assignments and enhance their overall appeal.

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