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what is onedrive migration?

If you are migrating data from other cloud service providers into OneDrive or SharePoint, Mover supports migration from over a dozen cloud service providers, including Box, Dropbox, Egnyte, and Google Drive. Mover can also be used to migrate from one SharePoint tenant to another, or from OneDrive consumer or Learn more about Mover.

If you have local access to your OneDrive files, you can move files to OneDrive for work or school simply by uploading them in a web browser. However, for efficiency, we recommend using the OneDrive sync app. The table below summarizes the tasks and considerations related to moving files to OneDrive for work or school.

Sync OneDrive for work or school to your computer - This gives you a connection to OneDrive for work or school on your local computer.

Move your OneDrive files - All files you place in your synced OneDrive for work or school folder automatically upload to the cloud whenever you're online.

Move a OneNote notebook to OneDrive - You’ll need to use different steps to move your OneNote notebooks.

Share files in OneDrive for work or school  - You may have shared files with other people in OneDrive. When you move these files to OneDrive for work or school, these are recognized as new files. Therefore, you may want to share some of these files again.

Cancel your OneDrive personal subscription, if needed - After you've moved your business files to OneDrive for work or school, you can either continue using OneDrive for personal use or cancel your OneDrive personal subscription. If you choose not to cancel the subscription, your subscription will be auto-renewed.

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